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Founded in 1986, on the initiative of the founder and first director of CEHUM, Professor Vítor Aguiar e Silva, Diacrítica is a multidisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to literary, cultural, linguistic and artistic studies, edited by the Centre for Humanistic Studies (CEHUM) and subsidised by Foundation for Science and Technology. Since January 2017, it is published in electronic format, with a four-monthly periodicity and double-blind peer review. It was indexed in SCOPUS in 2019.

Ethics, Politics & Society 
Promoted by the Centre for Ethics, Politics & Society, with peer review, EPS is an academic journal dedicated to the publication of high-level contributions in the fields of Philosophy and Political Theory, as well as Normative and Applied Ethics. It privileges issues related to theories of justice, democracy and recognition, as well as ethical questions related to scientific and technological development and its social and environmental impacts.

Myriades: Revue d’Études Francophones 
Published by the Department of Romance Studies of the University of Minho, this annual peer-reviewed journal aims to become a platform for interdisciplinary reflection and debate within the scope of French and Francophone Studies. The publication welcomes original articles in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English in the fields of linguistic, literary, cultural and didactic studies.

2i: Journal of Identity and Intermediality Studies
Promoted by CEHUM's Research Group on Identity(s) and Intermediality(s), 2i is a biannual scientific journal in the field of human, individual and socio-cultural identity studies and intermediality studies. Besides disseminating the work carried out by the Group, the journal also welcomes the collaboration of experts, PhD researchers and postgraduate students, both national and international, in the main fields of study of the publication.

H2D: Journal of Digital Humanities
Published biannually, the H2D Journal adopts the digital as a catalyst element of new methods and practices of production and application of knowledge within the social sciences and humanities (Linguistics, Literature, Culture, Philosophy, History), welcoming scientific papers, reports/educational projects, presentations of technological resources/tools and other contributions that promote the of the Humanities through a heuristic commitment to technology.

Collected Writings
In parallel to the publication of journals, the School of Arts, Letters and Human Sciences develops scientific production through the publication of book collections, of which the following collections stand out:

  • Hespérides– monographs in the fields of Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy and Culture;
  • Poliedron– made up of PhD theses;
  • Antologias– fundamental texts in various fields of study;
  • Proceedings of scientific meetings, with emphasis on the Autumn Colloquium.