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The Philosophy Readers Community was founded in 2003 by António Eugénio Peixoto (1953-2012) and Vítor Moura (teachers at the Philosophy Department of ELACH), in collaboration with Nogueira da Silva Museum (Braga). Adopting the tradition of reading clubs, the founders intended to create, in the exquisite rooms of Braga's museum, a forum – open to all interested parties – for free debate and reflection around philosophical and essayistic works.  The coordination was taken over, in 2013, by Cristina Costa, Sara Gonçalves and Pedro Martins.

he Philosophy Readers Community is one of the oldest Portuguese initiatives of its kind. It has been gaining popularity and a loyal and diverse audience, and is now deeply rooted in the cultural and civic life of Braga. Since its foundation, in monthly sessions (from October to June, at 21:30), nearly 120 works on a variety of themes have been presented and debated.