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Minho University Oriental Studies Students Association [AEEOUM]
nucleos-logo1.png AEEOUM represents the students of the Degree in Oriental Studies: Chinese and Japanese Studies, with full members (students attending the course), external members (individuals who wish to register and participate in the Association's activities, and former students of the course) and honorary members (individuals or legal entities that provide or have provided relevant services to AEEOUM, or have distinguished themselves in the defence of the objectives pursued by the Association). In addition to occasional initiatives, such as the contribution to the Japanese "Sakura" Week (2019), AEEOUM promotes the Oriental Club, open to all university courses. To keep up to date with everything related to AEEOUM, just follow us on our social networks:
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Minho University Cultural Studies Students Association [AECUM]
Founded in 2019, AECECUM aims to enhance and promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of Cultural Studies. Among the activities developed are the Past and Future lecture, a conversation with the course's alumni and the first edition of Jornadas de Estudos Culturais. AEECUM launched Lince Cultural as its official journal, focusing on cultural creation, and promotes events such as the Past and Future lectures and the Cultural Studies Day. Visit our website and journal, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Minho University Music Students Association [AEMUM].
nucleos-logo3.png The AEMUM was created on 19 February 2019 with the aim of defending the students and their interests and with the intention of playing a role in cultural and artistic creation, both at the University of Minho and in the city of Braga, with events and concerts dedicated not only to the university and the academic community, but also to the city and the people of Braga. AEMUM organizes Student Performances, an initiative that was born from the students' own will to set up a platform where they could regularly share their work as performers with their peers, regularly promoting masterclasses, lectures and workshops in areas relevant to their Members. Contact us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Minho University Theatre Students Association [NELTUM]

NELTUM aims to represent Theatre students as well as to promote their integration in the academy and professional career. The Association is also a platform for extracurricular activities wich enrich formal learning, having organized events such as Zina Fest, the National Meeting of Students (ENET), Workshops, or, in collaboration with the Course conveners, the Short Plays Competition. NELTUM also provides, through InterNELTUM, live conversations with artists, teachers and theatre professionals, as well as "2 minutes" videos and videos with tips for actors and creators. Contact us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


Minho University Humanities Academic Choral [Literatuna]

Literatuna is the Academic Choral [Tuna] of the School of Arts and Humanities of Minho University. It was dreamt of in late 2012 and was finally founded in a performance in December 2013, with its its 9 Founding Members [Tunos]. Literatuna emerges in a university where culture does not stop growing. With a very distinctive identity, and currently has about 45 elements, it has already performed all over the country. Guided by the values of transuniversal acceptance, intercultural fraternity and post-fixation creativity, Literatuna has adopted a repertoire which make a statement about the musical styles that it intends to make part of its soul: the traditional/popular, the learned/literary, the student/tunant. The music of Literatuna is born from the crossing of these cherished traditions, and it is this spirit that we have been carrying in our performances to all those who want to share it with us. Contact us and follow us on Facebook,  Instagram and TikTok.