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 Statutes and Regulations

The statutes of the School of Arts and Humanities are the fundamental document that establishes the nature, mission, guiding principles, governance, organic structure, and social outreach projects, and administrative structure of the School.

The School's faculty complies with  the regulations set for University of Minho's teaching staff, which covers the functions they are responsible for, according to the statute of the university teaching career (ECDU), and guest lecturers are subject to specific regulations. The evaluation of academic performance is carried out according to RAD-ILCH. Researchers are subject to the University of Minho's specific regulations (RPI-UMINHO) and their performance is evaluated through RAPI-ELACH. 

The University of Minho's academic code is of particular relevance in the scientific and pedagogical activity of the School concerning the organization and functioning of its degrees, of the duties and rights of students and teaching staff, and of assessment procedures. The code of ethics  offers important guidelines for promoting professionalism and excellence, in accordance with the legal and statutory guiding principles of respect for human dignity, equality and justice, free democratic participation and pluralism.