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Post-doctoral training is aimed at advanced scientific research by holders of a national or foreign doctoral degree in one of the branches of knowledge in which ELACH grants PhD degrees.
Admission to postdoctoral research by the Scientific Council is based on an individual research project submitted by the candidate and on the scientific advice of the professor or doctoral researcher who will be supervising the work.
Post-doctoral projects should have a minimum length of 6 months and a maximum duration of 3 years. At the end of the project, the postdoctoral researcher must submit a report containing the scientific activities and conclusions of the research carried out, as well as the publications that resulted from it, for approval by the Scientific Council. Upon the successful completion of a postdoctoral project, a diploma is awarded.
The fees due for enrolment and implementation of a postdoctoral project are set annually by UMinho, taking as reference the value set for doctoral students' fees.