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Doctoral Degree in Cultural Sciences

Tutorial Doctor Degree (without curricular component)​​

Doctoral Degree in Language Sciences

Tutorial PhD (no curricular part) which allows students to choose one of the following domains of specialisation: Discourse Analysis, German Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, General Linguistics, English Linguistics, Portuguese Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Doctoral Degree in Sciences of Literature

Tutorial Doctor Degree (no curricular component).​​

Doctoral Degree in Philosophy

Tutorial Doctor Degree (no curricular component).​​

Doctoral Programme in Comparative Modernities

PhD Degree with a curricular component devoted to supervised research on the scientific areas of Comparative Literature, Cultural Sciences, Interarts and Theory of Literature leading to an innovative and original contribution to the progress of knowledge through the development of a research project and the writing and public discussion of a thesis.

Further Information

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