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Braga and Guimarães are among the most affordable Portuguese cities to live and study. The cost of living for a student at the University of Minho depends on a series of factors, from the type of accomodation to whether the student cooks at home or eats out. In any case, an approximate cost of living would be between € 400 to € 500 per month.

As an indication, some of the living costs could be the following:

Meal in the canteen
Cheap meal at a restaurant 5€ - 10€
Milk 0,70€/litre
Bread 0,11€
Eggs 0,80€ - 1,10€/half dozen box
Rice 0,70€ - 2€/kg
Sugar 1€/ kg
Apples 1,20€ - 2€/kg
Coffee 0,50€ - 0,60€
1 photocopy 0,05€
Cinema ticket 5€
Newspaper 1€
Public transportation ticket 1,70€
Monthly transportation pass 19,20€
Braga/Porto train ticket 3,10€
Guimarães/Porto train ticket 2,10€
Porto/Lisbon train ticket 25€ - 40€

Prospective Students