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The School of Arts and Humanities is located at the campus of Gualtar, where the head office and most of its units and subunits work, as well as at the campus of Couros and at the Congregados Building. The Gualtar campus is located in Braga and hosts the Schools of Sciences, Law, Psychology, Nursing, Medicine, the Institutes of Social Sciences and Education and, partially, the School of Engineering, containing several pedagogical and sports facilities, as well as libraries and social action services. ELACH occupies Building 5 of the campus, where the Dean’s office is, together with the administrative and technical services, the professors’ and researchers' offices, the BabeliUM Language Centre and the Vítor Aguiar e Silva Library. The building includes an Auditorium, several meeting rooms and some classrooms for Masters and PhD courses.

The Congregados Building is a historical Baroque architectonic compound highly praised for its patrimonial value. It was built in the end of the 17th century by the Oratorianos congregation, and served as Braga High School, Braga Public Library and as a centre for elementary education teachers. Currently integrated in the University of Minho, the building hosts the Bachelor course in Music, as well as other scientific-pedagogical structures and academic community services.

Located in the historic centre of Guimarães, the campus of Couros emerged in 2001 from the rehabilitation of an industrial complex. It integrates, in its downtown urban context, the Advanced Postgraduate Training Centre, the UN Operational Unit in e-gov and the Institute of Design. The space is also the temporary home of the Bachelor course in Theatre, which will be permanently set in the Jordão Theatre.