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The School of Arts and Humanities (ELACH) dates back to the beginnings of the University of Minho, having been created by Decree-Law no. 402/73, of 11 August. Called “Scientific-Pedagogical Unit of Letters and Arts” at the time, the School took the name of “Institute of Arts and Humanities” with the approval of the University Statutes, prepared under Law No. 108/88, of September 24 (Law of University Autonomy). In order to reflect the integration of the artistic areas of Music and Theater in its educational offer, in 2021 the School adopted its current name.

By developing projects regarding teaching, research and community outreach in the fields of Arts and Humanities, the School aims to promote the complete fulfilment of the human person, to enhance critical thinking and to boost the appreciation of the Portuguese language. It also aims to protect multilingualism and multiculturalism as fundamental conditions for deepening mutual understanding in a globalized world.

Divided into seven departments – Asian Studies, German and Slavic Studies, English and North-American Studies, Portuguese and Lusophone Studies, Romance Studies, Philosophy, and Music – and two research centers – the Center for Humanistic Studies and the Center for Ethics, Politics and Society –, the School develops its activity on the campuses of Gualtar and Couros, and in the Congregados building. It adopts the shade of blue defined in the graphic identity manual of the University of Minho as a distinctive symbolic color and celebrates the School Day on December 16th.