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Sciences of Language

Course intended to promote your competences and deepen your knowledge in the area of general and Portuguese linguistics

Spanish as Second and as Foreign Language

Linguistic, literary, cultural and didactic training in Spanish, aimed at professional practice in SFL and scientific initiation in this area.

Intercultural Studies Portuguese/Chinese: Translation, Training and Business Communication

Portuguese-German Studies

This double degree course is a partnership between the University of Minho and the University of Frankfurt/Main, offering a solid bilingual training in the area of Luso-German studies.

European Master in Lexicography

Course offered at the University of Minho in collaboration with other, mostly European, Universities. The course has already had editions, since 2009, at Friederich-Alexander-Universitāt Erlangen-Nūrnberg and at the Université de Lorraine.

Political Philosophy

The course is directed towards the analysis of the most relevant themes in the history of modern and contemporary political thought, as well as to a thorough exploration of the main issues of current thinking.

Digital Humanities

It is the first Master Degree in Digital Humanities in Portugal. The interdisciplinary Master's programme involves the collaboration of the Schools of Engineering, Sciences and Law of UMinho

English Language, Literature and Culture

Solid and multidisciplinary training in the macro-area of English. It aims to prepare students for a professional career of excellence around the English language and culture

Portuguese as Foreign or Second Language

Literatures of Portuguese Language

Scientific training in various fields of Humanities offering an integrated perspective of literary studies and of the study of Portuguese Literatures

Translation and Multilingual Communication

Students must have proven advanced competence in Languages to develop theoretical and technical skills in areas such as translation, subtitling, tourism and community interpretation

Further Information

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