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Galicia. La Romería, por Joaquín Sorolla 

Located at the School of Arts and Humanities, the Centre for Galician Studies operates since 1997 under a protocol promoted by Professor Vítor Manuel Pires de Aguiar e Silva between the University of Minho and the Xunta de Galicia.

The CEG, statutorily dependent on the Presidency of ELACH, is provided with a lecturer who ensures the teaching of extracurricular courses on Galician and of the optional subject Galician Literature and Culture, taught in undergraduate courses of ELACH. The lecturer also organizes a wide range of activities for the dissemination of Galician culture (Dia da Galiza em Braga, Encontro Minho-Galiza, Semana Cultural Convergências Portugal-Galiza, e viagens de estudo à Galiza), among which, the program Galicia Mais Perto in the University Radio of Minho (RUM 97.5).

One of CEG’s goals is to foster inter-regional cooperation Galicia-Northern Portugal. The Centre's holds in its facilities an extensive video, record and bibliographic archives on Galician language and culture.

For more information about CEG's activities and news on Galician culture, access CEG's webpage!